Top Technology Trends of 2020

Changes have become so frequent in this era that within the blink of an eye you can miss or witness the transformation, especially in the field of technology. Digital transformation is the solution to ameliorate complex problems ranging from personal to professional areas. The churning of technologies to create a digital ecosystem has become the need of the hour. What is the impact of this digital disruption? It has pushed the limits of advancement and created a higher threshold for innovation. Science and technology have proved to help gain a competitive edge over the traditional structures.

It is only the beginning, but 2020 has seen some high ranging trends in the field of technology.

Let us take a look at the top 7 technology trends of 2020

  • Big Data Analytics

The availability of data in large volumes has led to the creation of techniques and tools to manage, sort and even create new data. The previous year witnessed automation in the field of Big Data streamlined with Analytics. Using Big Data in the revelation of trends, behaviors, and patterns has proven to act in favor of the organizations. Various big data platforms have been developed to provide users with real-time analysis of their data and reports that are customized. Integration of Business Intelligence and Deep Learning with Big Data Analytics are seen to be doing well in the areas of simulation, programming, and management.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI Security)

Artificial Intelligence has been a page 3 topic for quite some time now. All of us have been utilizing the services of AI in our day to day lives, in some way or the other. The adoption of AI by business has made it easier for them to gain insights on augmenting analytics. In 2020, AI embedded insecurity is one trending topic. The automation of AI to help prevent vulnerabilities and attacks in the digital sector is a step towards creating a more secure digital ecosystem. AI-powered security systems will revolve around creating and serving secured pipelines for a smooth data flow, to create a defense mechanism by using AI technology to restrict attacks and to find flaws and potential ways of being exploited by attackers. AI security is quite a smart way to find out flaws and develop practices to defend against the same.

  • Machine Learning

As said before, there is data available in abundance and it is important to use that data for the advantage of your organization. How will you do that? With the help of a subset of AI- Machine Learning. Machine Learning produces inferences and patterns after studying interactions and patterns. It draws a predictive picture of the process of decision making. A lot of market leaders make use of machine learning to develop a robust marketing strategy for their organization. It has impacted the marketing sector heavily by providing valuable insights to help personalize services and products.

  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

VR and AR have crossed the borders of the world and have moved to farther ends of different sectors. This year, the organizations have reported working on applications of AR VR in other industries and products/services. It has increased the power of hardware graphic headsets. The boost of the network will result in more opportunities in this field. 5G network will be seen making real-time advancements and reducing response time. The education sector will also be seen making use of VR and AR for the purpose of distance learning and virtual classrooms and also by the government for the benefit of various armed forces.

  • Cybersecurity

Advancement in technology has also led to an increase in the number of cyber-attacks by cybercriminals. To protect servers and users from various kinds of attacks like –password attack, phishing, spamming, DoS attacks, eavesdropping attack, Trojan horses, ransomware, insider attacks and so many more, cybersecurity has been working diligently. Last year marked the attacks in cybersecurity that hit the field in the worst ways. Since then, the industry is seen to be leveraging different high technologies to develop algorithms and models that will detect probable attacks and make suitable security systems to restrict undeserved access.

  • The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is definitely the talk of the town for all the right reasons. Its ability to connect devices remotely has made it prominently known and used across industries. Recent trends have shown integration of the cloud in the IoT and development of numerous platforms to maintain, store, and access the data efficiently. The frameworks are made in such a way that they disable complexity. IoT is going to be used to improve the customer experience.

  • Blockchain

Blockchain has already seen its highs in the tech world, and the coming times won’t let it see any lows either. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are replacing physical currencies and automating so many other processes. Blockchain is facilitating transparency while transacting within the network without a central server. Blockchain is all set to interact with complementary technological services to provide authorized solutions to emerging problems in the areas.


It is okay to say that these surfacing trends are going to cause commotion in the sea of technology and will allow opportunities to be taken and utilized. Technology is ever-changing and it might get difficult to catch up with it, but not doing so will result in the downfall of industries. Hence, leveraging the same for gaining a competitive advantage is a safe path to choose from.

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