Activating the data with Cloudaeon & Fivetran 

Last month marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter for us at Cloudaeon as we announced our partnership with Fivetran. This collaboration is not just another addition to our portfolio; it represents a significant leap forward in how we manage and leverage data across the cloud and various data platforms. With six fully trained and certified engineers, and more joining the ranks, we're ready to elevate our data engineering capabilities to new heights.

Why Fivetran is a Game-Changer for Cloudaeon 

Fivetran stands out as an essential partner for Cloudaeon for two pivotal reasons: 

Best-in-Class Tooling: Fivetran offers unparalleled tools for automating the movement of data, both into and out of the cloud and across different data platforms. 

Enhanced Data Management: Our data engineering team is now equipped with a crucial enterprise data management (EDM) capability, significantly improving data portability.


Addressing the Core Challenge: Alignment of Functional and Organisational Readiness 

A common scenario we encounter involves the misalignment between functional readiness and organisational preparedness. Many enterprises adopt a hub-and-spoke model, featuring a centralised data analytics team and various pods dedicated to specific departments or business lines. Despite the model's initial promise, a critical gap often emerges—the availability of data for making informed decisions. 

This gap can lead to a scenario where individuals find themselves wearing multiple hats: data engineer, product manager, help desk agent, cloud platform architect, and financial reporting expert, all rolled into one. It's a challenging position, likely familiar to many reading this post.

How Cloudaeon & Fivetran Address This Challenge 

Our partnership with Fivetran is pivotal in solving this alignment issue. By automating the movement of data, we can serve both tiers of data consumers within an organisation: 

The top tier, which prioritizes analytics and intelligence, often struggles with accessing the right data for decision-making. 

The bottom tier, which may control operational systems (like ERP or CRM), lacks the capability to provision data for analytical purposes. 

There are many reasons for why organisational and functional data readiness usually move at 2 different speeds. The reasons for this discrepancy usually boil down to whether the value of data provisioning is clear and whether the process is convenient. 

To bridge this gap between Top and Bottom tier data consumers, there needs to be a new capability designed to surface the right data to the right people at the right time.  

To accomplish this objective, we combine our expertise with the Fivetran’s data integration platform engineered to automate and simplify data transfer from various sources, such as ERP systems (including SAP and Oracle), to targeted destinations like data warehouses (including Databricks and Snowflake). 

 A significant challenge with enterprise level data sources is often their volume and quality. Here, Fivetran's HVR (High Volume Replicator) software plays a critical role.  

It offers real-time data replication across various systems using advanced Change Data Capture (CDC) methods. 

CDC ensures up-to-date updates while maintaining transactional integrity, supporting on-premises, cloud, and hybrid setups. 

It utilizes log mining and database APIs for efficient replication, featuring real-time sync verification and robust data flow monitoring. 

HVR is versatile for data migration, consolidation, database upgrades, and maintaining data consistency and integrity with rigorous security measures. 

Looking Forward 


Our strategic partnership with Fivetran marks a significant step towards overcoming the disconnect between functional readiness and organizational needs in data management. 

With Fivetran, playing crucial role in facilitating the movement of data across different layers of organization and our capabilities bridging the gap between data availability and usability, we look forward to streamline data accessibility for more effective decision-making and operational efficiency. 

We're excited about the potential of this partnership to transform how businesses leverage data, making it a true asset for achieving analytical and operational goals with precision and ease. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can deliver this capability to you and dive into specifics, get in touch with us and we’ll be most happy to facilitate. 

April 11, 2024

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