Cloudaeon and Prophecy Accelerate Data Transformation Initiatives with New Strategic Partnership  

Cloudaeon, a leading provider of data, cloud and AI solutions, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Prophecy, provider of the industry’s only AI-powered data transformation platform. This partnership marks a significant milestone in both companies' efforts to empower organisations with agile, scalable, and cost-effective data transformation. 

As businesses increasingly rely on data driven insights to fuel growth and innovation, the demand for flexible and efficient data transformation tools has never been greater. Through this partnership, Cloudaeon will leverage Prophecy’s cutting-edge platform to help clients accelerate data transformation and unlock the full potential of their data assets

"Our partnership with Prophecy represents a strategic alignment of our shared commitment to delivering transformative technology solutions that drive business value.By combining our deep data expertise and consulting capabilities with Prophecy’s innovative low-code data transformation platform, we can offer our clients unparalleled speed in the development of their data products”.  

-Dan Harris, Chief Revenue Officer at Cloudaeon.

 Prophecy’s  platform empowers organisations to rapidly design, deploy, and manage data transformation workflows with minimal coding, enabling faster time-to-value and greater agility in responding to business needs. By integrating Prophecy’s platform into its portfolio of services, Cloudaeon will enable clients to streamline data integration, transformation, and analytics processes across their organisations. 

"We are excited to partner with Cloudaeon to bring our low-code data transformation platform to a broader audience of organisations seeking to harness the power of their data."Together, we will empower businesses to speed pipeline development and accelerate their digital transformation journeys to unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation." 

- Martin Caley, Head of EMEA Sales at Prophecy

The partnership between Cloudaeon and Prophecy underscores both companies' mission to drive innovation and deliver  exceptional value to clients. By combining their strengths in technology services, and low-code data transformation capabilities, the two companies are poised to redefine the future of digital transformation. 

About Prophecy

Prophecy is the low-code data transformation platform, unifying the usability of a low-code, no-code interface with the power of open source code. All data users become 10x more productive building data pipelines like seasoned data engineers. Prophecy is trusted by enterprises including multiple companies in the Fortune 50 where hundreds of engineers run thousands of ETL workloads every day. Prophecy is backed by Databricks and top VCs including Insight Partners and SignalFire. Learn how Prophecy can help your data engineering in the cloud at

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