Top Advances in Internet Technologies

Technological advancement couldn’t have happened without the advancement of the internet, after all, it takes two to tango. The Internet has gone from being used by the big-shots conducting important tasks, to almost everyman using it as a basic necessity. The field of the internet is quite vast and has so many dependents on it. Can you think of going about your day without making the use of the internet even once? I didn’t think so. It has become one of the basic essentials and not to mention so many opportunities that come with it. Like any other area of technology, the internet is also growing constantly and advancements are being made of the regular. The development of internet technology shows a clear illustration of how fast-paced the world has become.

Let’s have a look at the top advances in internet technologies

  • Quantum Communications

Quantum Communications is a new development and a subset from the field of quantum physics. But how is it affecting internet technology? The Internet, though very advanced and beneficial, is not really safe from cyber-attacks like eavesdropping. To help face those challenges, researchers have come up with a communication network using quantum physics that facilitates the achievement of those levels of security and privacy which wouldn’t be possible with the use of vintage internet. There is a process of encryption and decryption that makes use of the quantum key distribution (QKD) which is basically the creation of secret keys and encoding it using random 0 and 1 strings. These communicating systems use quantum networks for smaller distance and quantum repeaters for longer distances. It is still a work in progress but shows a promising future.

  • Artificial Neural Networks

With the growing use of the internet, an increase in traffic has also been witnessed. The congestion in the network leads to low or non-performance of the service to the users. The number of users also goes up with each passing day. So how to make the network smooth in terms of sustaining scalability? By increasing its capacity. It is easier said than done because of restricted resources. But the network’s performance cannot be compromised and needs to be improved. How? By using Artificial Neural Networks. ANN makes use of complicated coding to solve complex tasks through neural networks. With the help of this network, it is possible to assign characteristics to the different changes in the traffic. With forecasting the bandwidth, the network can be planned following the timeline of heavy congestion, paving the way for faster internet speed.

  • Artificial Intelligence

The users of the internet are not just using and consuming the data, but also creating and adding it too. An increase in ad hoc networks has been witnessed and to cater to the same, Artificial Intelligence is constructing cognitive algorithms. Users expect clarity in detailing and better quality on the go while seamlessly streaming and using the internet. Service providers are making use of Artificial intelligence to manage the network while providing a better user experience to their consumers. 5G and Artificial Intelligence make an efficient duo for providing enhanced performance in service, boosting up reliability, and creating a flexible network to serve the changing needs of the customers.

  • Analytics

The importance of using analytics has been proven time and again in almost every sector. Be it voice search or effective targeting or even optimizing various platforms, data analytics is the go-to solution. Growth of internet notes in terms of social media and E-commerce has made it imperative for marketers to integrate analytics in their process of decision making. Using the generated data to target users and provide them with the content that is best suited for them is something that gives the businesses a personalized touch while interacting over the internet with their customers.

  • Internet of Things

IoT is the connection of several devices and physical servers over the connection of the internet featured on an IP address. Accessing various devices remotely is possible because of IoT. The programming software of IoT uses complex coding to allow the expansion of the network without any physical human interaction. Tech Analysts are making use of IoT platforms to access real-time data and enhance their internal servers. All of this is done online, digitally, over the internet.

The internet technologies are growing each day and making it easier to use the store, and manage data, all the while also letting us add, create, and generate data. But the internet won’t be limited to this. Many advanced innovations are expected in the future which might make these advancements look mediocre.