Key Advantages of Power BI Over Excel

  • Microsoft power bi is a multi-functional business analytics solution that allows you to visualize data, share information about your business, and even embed it in your application or website.
  • Power BI allows users to run Microsoft platforms to use more functional tools. It can even interact with Excel and other data-based tools to ensure a smooth workflow. What are the advantages of Power BI from Excel? We will highlight the main components below to see for yourself!
  • Microsoft excel has traditionally been a business reporting tool, but power bi provides powerful business analysis and reporting. because of faster experiments with visualization, statistical functions, and calculations of large amounts of data and the possibility of getting answers on the way through rapid field recombination, it is clear that power bi offers a far better understanding than excel.
  • Power bi offers many impressive compression functions for Microsoft Excel files and text / CSV files that allow you to view, analyze, and visualize large amounts of data that cannot be opened in excel.
  • Most computers have difficulty opening 300 megabytes of CSV, making analysis and reporting in excel a challenge. add several smaller excel files to the data, e.g. b. sales data, profit data, region data is very difficult to combine, an analysis that data, compare with previous data sets and analyzes.
  • You also have several options for changing and preparing your data.
  • Transforms and editing, including formatting, deleting rows, adding columns, and transposing data.
  • Add relationships to various tables. this is useful if you have a star or snowflake scheme.
  • Analyzing trends with power bi is very easy. with integrated time intelligence, it only takes a few seconds to see a large amount of data. you can view data based on various dimensions and attributes, including the date and time dimensions.
  • If you don’t have a date in the chart structure, you can create a table with date dimensions in seconds so that the time intelligence function works. as an analytic consultant, I have personally met business managers who spend hours each month writing excel macros in large files to get comparisons in time series. these executives work in several large excel files, either through VBA or other coding methods.

Power BI includes the following components:

  1. Power BI Desktop – Used to create reports and visualize data in a dataset.
  2. BI Power Gateway – You can use the BI Power gateway to keep your data up to date by connecting to your local data source without having to move data
  3. Power BI Mobile Apps – With Power BI Mobile Apps you can connect to your data from anywhere. The Power BI application is available for Windows, iOS, and Android platforms.
  4. Power BI Service – This is a cloud service that publishes Power BI reports and data visualizations.

Power BI pricing

  • Power BI Desktop: This offer is free for each user and includes cleaning and data preparation, personalized visualization, and the possibility of publishing in the Power BI service.
  • Power BI Pro: Pro Package costs $ 9.99 Monthly price per user. This includes data collaboration, data management, creating dashboards, and the ability to publish reports anywhere.
  • Power BI Premium:Premium packages start at $ 4,995 a month for cloud computing and special storage resources

Power BI desktop view

Power BI desktop view

Connect to different data sources

Connect to different data sources

Developed the reports

Developed the reports
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