Global technology consulting and services company Cloudaeon joins Mia-Platform Partner Network

June 13th, 2022 – Cloudaeon, a Managed IT Consulting & Service Provider, has officially joined Mia-Platform Partner Program. The two companies embark on a new strategic partnership to support enterprises to quickly and effectively adopt DevOps methodologies and smoothly embrace Digital Transformation.

With our strategic partnership with Mia-Platform, our customers will be able to adopt DevOps in their enterprises rapidly and efficiently. Our technical expertise combined with the power of Mia-Platform will allow our customers to implement Kubernetes-based micro services in their infrastructure and achieve their critical business objectives.
Shashikant Mundlik, Co-Founder & CEO of Cloudaeon

DevOps is increasingly popular in enterprise IT departments, because of its ability to automate the build, test, and deployment phases without compromising the quality, reliability, and solidity of the code developed. This software development paradigm brings several benefits, such as the reduction of software release costs, but also the increase of speed and frequency of the releases.

But migrating to DevOps can be hard. It does not require the simple installation and use of some tools and technologies, but also a cultural change and renovation of the work methods in the IT departments.

That’s why Mia-Platform and Cloudaeon have launched a new partnership to support enterprises worldwide in their DevOps adoption journey.

Thanks to the winning match between Cloudaeon’s technical expertise and Mia-Platform state-of-the-art digital platform, companies can adopt a solid DevOps practice, and standardize a common set of automation tools and approaches, scaling them to the whole company infrastructure.

We are happy to welcome a strong and experienced partner like Cloudaeon in our Partner Network. Together we will provide full support to enterprises in their DevOps journey at an international level thanks to Cloudaeon’s deep knowledge of the market, and to Mia-Platform’s unique technological offer.
Francesco Caracuta, Director of Channel Partnerships UK

About Cloudaeon

Established in 2016, with headquarters in London, Cloudaeon is a global technology consulting and services company that specializes in providing cutting-edge solutions in Big Data, Cloud, DevOps, SaaS, and many other technology frameworks. Our aim is to ease and accelerate the digital transformation of our customers by modernizing their infrastructure, improving decision making through data analytics, and expanding their operations through the cloud and SaaS-based services.

We specialize in providing feature-rich, customer-centric solutions to our clients in the sphere of Big Data, Cloud, DevOps, AI/ML, SaaS, BI, and many others. We also provide on-demand IT support and technology consulting. Our robust technology products such as – Spendkey and Witmsate are used by companies for monitoring their expenditure and for goal-setting respectively. We are a certified partner with the leading technology-platform providers like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, etc.

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About Mia-Platform

Mia‑Platform is the simplest tool to develop cloud native applications on Kubernetes. The platform helps companies to industrialize and simplify software lifecycle by using APIs, microservices and real-time data, building event-driven architectures, and carrying out DevOps operations.

Its technological excellence is recognized worldwide by institutions such as the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and Gartner, which has recently named Mia-Platform Cool Vendor in its 2021 report “Cool Vendors for Software Engineering Technologies“.

We are partners of the best technology standards in the world, including Confluent, Google Cloud, MongoDB, Kubernetes. We are part of the Linux Foundation and Silver Members of the CNCF –  Cloud Native & Computing Foundation with the aim of contributing to the development of open-source technologies. We also actively participate in the community by promoting, sponsoring and organizing conferences and events, such as The National Devops Conference 2022.

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