7 Ways in Which Big Data Can Improve Customer Service

Customer service is the life and blood of all the organizations whether it is service-oriented or not. Your interaction with your customers paves way for your impression in front of them. This is an added chain reaction in which your loyal customers further act as an influencer for your prospective customers. There is a huge importance of data in customer service data analytics.

The customer service professionals are primarily dependent on data to improve customer satisfaction. Improvement in Big data has made it easier to collect relevant information from the customers.

Big Data has proven to be a game-changer and will continue doing so in the future years as well. Brands are relying heavily on data to understand customer needs and offer solutions as per their demand.

Here are the top 7 ways in which Big Data can revolutionize the customer service

  • Quick Assess to Resources:
  • An interior learning base, brimming with answers for FAQs, can be an astounding asset for newly joined customer care executives. Making a portion of these assets open to your customers can likewise help diminish bottlenecks on the telephones by taking out the majority of the most fundamental inquiries a client may pose. Recurrence of a particular issue can easily be stored in the Big Data inventory, which can easily be accessed as and when the issue recurs. Big data in customer service helps to deal with repeated issues and makes the entire organization seem to be in constant communication.
  • Quick help:
  • Big Data ensures that the right amount of information is put out in the right format at the right place and at the right time. Due to the excellent navigational modes and prediction algorithms that data science enables. A pivotal role is played by data analytics in customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced Response Time:
  • Big data ensures the companies to provide multiple means of support, so those customers who have a longer wait time can switch to other modes of support. Some can opt for chat support, while others cannot be available for a chat or phone call can opt-out for the email support. This enhances the customer experience by giving your customers the freedom to chose.
  • For a better understanding of customers:
  • Big Data allows a company to understand the entire customer journey. Companies can use Big Data to not only foresee customer behavior trends but also for events that it can lead to, following the interaction. Data gleaned from various internet transactions allows companies to witness which clients have proceeded until which stage on their site. There is also a thorough understanding that one can gain in regard to the sites to which the customer moves post exiting your site.
  • Prediction of Customer needs:
  • Not always are clients aware of their own needs. Even though they are unaware of their own needs, they expect the company to fulfill their needs and surprise them with better services and innovations. Big data helps companies in gathering huge amounts of information that can be utilized by the company to determine the customer needs even before directly interacting with the customer.
  • Increase problem-solving efficiency:
  • Customer service agents sometimes have to deal with unusual inquiries and requests on a daily basis. There is always a chance that some of these demands are from potential purchasers. The Big Data methodology is extremely successful in analyzing all variations of user questions along with their corresponding set of answers. It drives precision in terms of explanations for all types of inquiries that a customer can probably ask and further combining it to form a guideline that helps the agents in increasing their efficiency.
  • Agent analysis:
  • The core power of good customer service lies in the hands of a good representative. They are the ones who are always on the frontline and have direct contact with the customer. They can either be the dealmaker or the dealbreaker. Big Data can help you analyze your agent’s performance by analyzing feedbacks and call history insights. Furthermore, Big data gives us a comprehensive agent performance scenario by taking a measure of several relevant factors such as response time average, rate of abandonment, time of call hold, etc


Even though Big data in customer service is a relatively newer method of customer service analysis it still has a lot of capability to churn out meaningful conclusions out of a massive chunk of unrelated information. This not only enables companies to increase customer retention rates but also makes sure that the customers are satisfied.

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