Managed Cloud Services: Boost to Your Startup

A big business starts small.

Managing and ascending a startup is a difficult task. Several companies will give you neck-to-neck competition and will offer more options that will only increase your difficulties.

To lessen up your hardship, the Managed cloud service provider will be your savior. Several small or big companies are spotting and understanding the benefits of Managed cloud services and opting for them. Many researchers expect that the market size of Managed cloud services will expand in the coming years.

But choosing the right Managed service provider for your startup is a difficult decision task. You have to look for your requirements, budget, infrastructure, and several technical factors before coming to any conclusion.

Here are some factor a startup should keep in mind before selecting a managed cloud service provider:

  • Business Requirements: It is essential to match your requirements with the MSP's services. The niche of customers, type of software used, type of security services, infrastructure, and rapidity of the output all should be kept in mind before opting for the Managed service providers.
  • Judge the type of cloud need for your startup: There are three different types of clouds: public, private, and hybrid clouds. You should determine which cloud type is best for your business and on which you should rely. If you are dealing with a lot of sensitive information go for the private cloud services as it is much more secure than the public and hybrid cloud. It is a bit more expensive than these two. A hybrid cloud can contain both sensitive and normal data.
  • No. of device and people will be connected: People are evolving as the technologies are. Many people want and do access their business details from mobile and from their home that increases mobility and flexibility. Always select an option that mirrors your business size and can scale as you grow with time.
  • Budget for cloud platform: Cost plays a big role in deciding which cloud provider you should choose. There are various cloud providing platforms available. You can choose according to your needs and budget.
  • AWS: It determines the price by rounding up the number of hours used. It can be purchased in two ways- pay-as-per-go - You only have to pay for the services you use avoiding any overhead expenses. Reserved- You can reserve the service for one or three years, with a cost-based utilization.
  • GCP: GCP determines the price per second usage. Google offers "sustained use pricing" and "committed use pricing" for business that provides a simpler and more elastic model.
  • Azure: Azure bills customers based on hours used, gigabytes, or a number of executions depending on the product. They also offer the option of reserve services similar to AWS.

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