it service for telecom company
Problem statement

The Customer is a South African leading SMS Application development company with 220 servers clients that delivers complete IT systems and solutions. Initially, Cloud server maintenance was being handled by other vendors, but our client was facing issues such as high processing time, delay in issue identification in case of server down, inadequate server security.


The Customer had a cloud environment of 220 servers running Windows and Linux with multiple virtualization platforms first step coludaeon done is 24*7 server monitoring, our team of cloud engineers divided into 3 sub teams and they monitor and make sure all servers are up and if in case they find any issue they act on it real time.

2nd step we took was server optimization our team checked all servers carefully and identify and remove unused application and server spaces, As it was hard to maintain the multitude of hypervisors,Cloudaeon built a new cost-effective infrastructure by consolidating the servers.This allowed the customer to manage the entire data center from a single controlpoint and facilitate its maintenance significantly.

Since some of the services were configured inadequately, Cloudaeon Investigated the cases and provided solutions with detailed documentation.To maintain and improve system uptime and security, Cloudaeon DevOps regularly revise the internal services, In addition we are responsible for hardware consistency and support.

    Maximum uptime of servers
  • Reduction in issue tickets numbers
  • Quick response to issues
  • Consistency in server performance
  • Reduction in server costs
  • 24*7 Monitoring

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