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Problem statement

Keeping perishables fresh has been a constant challenge for our logistics clients while moving perishable food items from one point to another. Daily around 18-20 trucks were engaged in transport on different routes. The losses on mountain routes were comparatively less due to natural cold weather but the losses on other route were approximately 7% of total goods


After a detailed study of the situation and checking of vehicles, we found that due to insufficient infrastructure, the client was unable to track the consistency of the temperature. A solution temperature sensor is installed inside the truck to monitor the state of the products inside, and give this data along with traffic and road-work data to a central routing computer. This computer could then alert the driver if there is any fluctuation in temperature. In such a case a driver can manage it accordingly and if the originally chosen route resulted in the perishable products melting and suggest alternate routes instead.


Within the first 15 days loss rate decrease from 7% to 4.3% and by the next 30 days now it comes down to 2.27%

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