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Problem statement

For any retailer, one of the key aspects of success is ensuring a steady store stock availability. With all retailers focusing on stock levels to drive improved sales and a better customer experience, it is essential to have an efficient and reliable system in place.

In a complex supply chain, one of the most important factors in maintaining high levels of store availability is to ensure supplier delivery accuracy. We were tasked by a UK retailer and their supplier network to develop a solution which would improve and maintain delivery accuracy. Even though the whole supply chain was working towards the same goal, they were struggling to find a solution.


With over 150 suppliers and more than 8000 product lines we knew we would have to work very closely with the supply chain planner (SCP) and the various suppliers. To improve supplier delivery accuracy, we set up an automated consolidation of the relevant delivery data at the most granular (PO) level.

We built a transparent and easy to access system of automated insights for both the retailers and suppliers. The insights were designed to show clear patterns and to help the whole network discover delivery accuracy facts. To guarantee ease of access we designed an app which could be instantly accessed through mobile devices. This app would provide the retailer and suppliers with insights relating to deliveries whenever they might need it.


Once the solution was implemented the network experienced an impressive 1.72% increase in supplier delivery accuracy. By working together using the same insights both the retailer and suppliers were able to access the same KPIs, to improve collaboration and delivery performance.

To ensure every business involved in the supply chain is able to monitor performance and establish new ways to improve, the system is designed to provide performance trend insights. This information can be used by the suppliers to find the root cause of any delivery issues, to quickly find ways to improve.

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