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Problem statement

A customer in asset management aiming to migrate and provision its infrastructure from on-premise to the AWS cloud. The company wants to expand its infrastructure into a three-tiered architecture. As an asset management giant, the company's focus is on achieving high levels of scalability and availability without the need for human intervention. Customers want to explore and use AWS services to enhance their customer experience.


AWS Cloudaeon certified solution architect team has supported customers in deploying their infrastructure in the AWS cloud. This includes security parameter settings, network configuration and access control. The team uses its own cloud security configuration and network configuration to provision the client infrastructure in the AWS cloud. The solution is implemented through the following approach

  • All network configuration and services are on the VPC.
  • The AWS Direct Connect Gateway is created between an enterprise data center and AWS to provide access to the cloud infrastructure.
  • Only ELB (Resilient Load Balancers) are placed on the public subnet, while the Internet and backend servers are placed on the private subnet.
  • Production setups are configured in a container environment with AWS ECS, organized into Multi-AZ groups for high availability and scalability.

By using Amazon Web Services (AWS), which provides a robust security and compliance framework, Cloudaeon provides complete security for AWS mission critical applications. We also recommend customers follow AWS best practices to further strengthen their security and continue to thwart attacks..

    Scalability: The customer's cloud environment automatically manages to adapt its infrastructure spontaneously to changing consumer demands.
    Flexibility: These solutions enable the customer's IT environment to run smoothly and meet changing business needs. This allows customers to achieve tremendous performance improvements.
    Better security and compliance: With solid control guidelines, customers can meet their compliance obligations. Real-time testing and compliance allows customers to meet RBI testing guidelines for informed assessments.
    Highly Scalable and available setup has been implemented for customer’s infrastructure Cost saving realized approx 45% .

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