it company for retail ecommerce infrastructure
Problem statement

Customers wanted to gain customer loyalty with a personalized approach and optimize internal business processes. However, they cannot do this with data locked across a number of applications specific to their business direction.


Based on our knowledge of the Retail industry, Cloudaeon offers to enrich future solutions with advanced analysis functions. For this purpose, we present the concept of a recommendation mechanism (the forecast model behind the machine is supposed to enhance the cross-selling and customer sales functions for its online shop) and a time series model for sales forecasts.

We broke the implementation process down into versions to ensure that customers can now use the intermediate product. In total, we have developed more than 50 reports for various business directions and user roles.


With the developed analytics solution, customers benefit from a 360 degree customer view across all channels and business areas as well as from a stable retail analysis that allows them to create a personalized customer experience. Customers have also succeeded in streamlining internal business processes by improving their inventory management and evaluating employee performance.

Customers now can analyze the following:

  • Traffic and conversion rates (i.e. most / least visited pages, no-traffic pages, high-traffic but low-converting pages).
  • Online shop visitor engagement.
  • Wish list of products, sales, and cart abandonment

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