PaaS Provider

Platform as a Service provider

PaaS or Platform as a Service is a cloud computing model that provides a complete platform for customers – hardware, software, and infrastructure – to deploy, operate and manage applications without the hassle, complexity, and flexibility during the construction and maintenance of this platform at the location.

Cloudaeon already offers relevant PaaS services at all levels of the businesses.

Platform as a Service examples

Why choose Cloudaeon for your PaaS cloud provider

  • PaaS projects in hundreds of use cases
  • PaaS projects in industry, combined experience with many of PaaS projects in the cloud, EC2, Azure and Google Cloud experiences.
  • PaaS has made it necessary to host data on cloud servers. The many advantages of PaaS make it a natural choice.

If you choose PaaS, you can count on

Key benefits of PaaS for your business

PaaS offers the same benefits as IaaS. However, additional features – middleware, development tools, and other business tools – offer you further benefits:

  • Shorten coding time.
  • Add development opportunities without adding staff.
  • Developing for various platforms – including mobile ones – is easier.
  • Use sophisticated tools that benefit.
  • Supporting development teams that are geographically dispersed.
  • Effective application lifecycle management.

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