Enterprise Computing

IT enterprise computing

Cloudaeon is a leading provider of enterprise computing solutions for the challenges of today and tomorrow. We offer all kinds of specialties in the sale of Enterprise Computing Services that meet the needs of every customer. Our solutions and services are designed to help customers grow quickly, perform well, and transform their processes to meet the needs of the rapidly changing IT market. The computing solutions our company offers to our customers.

We'll develop a step-by-step implementation plan that will allow you to step carefully into an environment with minimal distraction to maximize knowledge transfer. Each phase will contain business-related indicators and achievements to confirm that we are achieving our goals before moving on to the next phase.

Enterprise IT computing solutions

Our main Enterprise computing Offerings include:

  • DataBase Administration
  • Virtualization & Cloud Solutions
  • DataLife Cycle Management
  • Business Continuity
  • Consulting Services
  • Server Storage & Backup Solutions

Enterprise Computing main Benefits:

20%-30% reduction in IT OPEX
24x7x365 Data center support

With Cloudaeon's Enterprise Computing Solutions, companies can reduce complexity by dramatically increasing usage, maximizing return on investment, and exceeding market entry requirements.