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Problem statement

The development team at the customer end relies on manual testing efforts during the implementation process. This not only hinders their startup cycle, but also causes production errors, sometimes due to human error and limitations. This additional time for manual testing results in a longer production approval cycle. When the multimedia client's internal team worked independently on building the framework, many problems arose, such as:

  • The existing technology stack contains a complex hybrid framework
  • Script execution is slowly allocated to the Excel object store
  • It took a long time to make changes to the script for minor application fixes
  • The logic applied to multiple scripts is not suitable for reporting
  • Script management and logical management for web and mobile devices is a complex process
  • The elastic demand used for reporting is irresistible
  • Solution

    Cloudaeon offers customers solutions that include building a robust QA automation framework. This framework not only meets customer requirements, but also allows them to be easily and flexibly integrated into future applications to adapt to changes in the network or mobile applications.

    After in-depth analysis, the reason for the delay is determined to be an Excel object memory. To avoid this challenge, we assist clients by implementing the Page object model to eliminate the lags of saving Excel objects. The Selenium tool is used to automate the quality assurance of web applications and the browser stack is used as part of an implemented mobile automation solution. This system simulates a physical device. In addition, they help customers quickly test their applications across multiple browsers and mobile systems, saving time and money.

    The ability to select preferred geolocation in Browserstack for testing allows customers to test application performance and functionality in a specific region. All local mobile applications are covered as part of the solution. Appium tools are used to interact with mobile devices to execute requests. This allows better full automation of the development cycle. After working on the QA automation of the client's Android and web apps, we continued to apply the same to their I / O applications.


    The site object model increases and decreases the complexity of existing client technologies. This makes warehouse maintenance easier. This further helps customers save time in doing QA activities. Using Maven, clients can manage dependencies and designs. The appropriate logic is applied to all layers. Reporting costs have been completely reduced using rate reports.

    The Global Consolidated QA Automation Panel is applied to many applications, avoiding process slowdowns. It also helps customers get a one-page view of the status of various automation stacks.

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