DevOps Consulting

Cloudaeon has experience in deploying DevOps to enterprises and has extensive experience in ongoing integration and deployment processes. Cloudaeon’s DevOps services include DevOps consulting services, infrastructure automation, build and release automation, tracking and monitoring, and training and migration. Cloudaeon DevOps Practice helps companies outperform their competitors, gain market share through faster delivery and innovation, and increase customer satisfaction for end customers.

DevOps Consulting service company

As the pace of software development increases rapidly, the company’s development and operations teams need to work together and integrate their methods to deliver high-quality software versions faster and more efficiently, ensuring sustainable implementation. With sophisticated tools, software development companies can free themselves from the rigid and process-oriented application life cycle where development, testing, project management, and operations teams are isolated.

DevOps Consulting services from Cloudaeon

With our DevOps consulting service, we support companies in the transition from conventional project-based conversion to fast delivery-based services. Our specialists help companies overcome difficult software development problems to ensure fast and agile delivery. Our DevOps Consulting Service helps companies, SMB, and beginners align their research and development activities to increase productivity, time to market, and application quality. Some of the services included in our consultation with DevOps are:

  • Infrastructure automation
  • Build & Release automation
  • Tracking & Monitoring
  • Training & Migration

Why Cloudaeon for your DevOps Consultation?

  • The use of digital automation to reduce operating costs
  • The offering of suitable DevOps implementation models
  • Develop specific KPIs to tailor DevOps to your specific business project
  • Recommending the appropriate DevOps toolkit and support its integration

DevOps Tools we work with