Data Quality Assurance

Cloudaeon Data Quality Assurance Platform includes data quality metrics and problem identification and management. This allows several types of business users to monitor and improve data quality in business, operations, maintenance, technology, and management. Cloudaeon works with each individual customer to implement an appropriate data quality platform that uses third-party tools that meet customer requirements and standards.

data quality support and services

Data quality control is an important part of all research and is carried out in various phases during data acquisition, data entry or digitization, and data verification. It is important to have appropriate procedures before starting data collection.

If you feel you don’t trust your data, there might be a good reason

It happens all the time; Organizations apply the analysis and then further adjust their decisions without reviewing the implementation to ensure consistent data accuracy.

This results in inaccurate variables, omissions in tracking, and, worse, missing information.

The purpose of the data is to provide reliable information on which to base important business decisions. Inaccurate data can lead to the wrong direction and spend more resources to cancel the wrong decisions that can be avoided.

Data Analytics Tools we work with