Database Support and Solutions

The Cloudaeon system offers a comprehensive database support service that meets all your database maintenance needs. Our team of experts worked to recommend and perform all necessary database maintenance tasks such as follows

database support and solutions
  • Monitoring
  • Archiving
  • Patching
  • Log erasing
  • Restoring
  • Administration

Database Support Services from Cloudaeon

  • Robust Support

The Cloudaeon offers database support at all times for planned or unexpected database activities. Our experts team regularly carry out procedures to improve the database like Archiving, patching, administration, installation, and configuration. This ensures that your database is never stagnant and always performs better.

  • Health Checks Support

Our team of experts routinely carries out integrity checks to ensure that your database environment is functioning optimally at all times. Our DBA team works with server and network teams to understand and plan maintenance procedures and tasks needed to keep your business database and application system running smoothly.

  • Pre-emptive Action Support

We monitor your database all the time and work on proactive models where we can analyze the model and take corrective action before an accident occurs. This way you can maximize database accessibility to meet your business needs. Our team conducts an internal OBD audit with an acceptable frequency and notifies stakeholders if necessary. We also continue to provide recommendations to our customers based on the latest updates, vulnerabilities, and effects on the DB environment, and work with customers to minimize or to reduce risk.

Database Support Models from Cloudaeon

  • Offshore Support Model

We offer offshore location support to enable maximum cost savings. Our highly secure network, equipped with the latest infrastructure and high standards for information security, helps us ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

  • Onsite Offshore Model

The effective process we have implemented in this model ensures that the transfer of knowledge takes place between external and offshore teams, which makes this model highly scalable, cost-effective and operational-cost-effective.

  • Onsite Model

Our on-site models are flexible and take into account your resource needs based on changing needs. We guarantee the supply of the best and most technically reliable professionals with the necessary skills.