it cloud service company for manufacturing
Problem statement

The customer had their existing entire infra running on on-premises server Being a growing automobile parts manufacturing industry their business required a scalable, reliable, responsive and secure infrastructure. The configuration was 16 core CPU, Linux Server, due to some technical reason the servers were not able to handle much traffic. Maintaining backups for the entire infra was critical.


After the complete study of the situation and possible reasons with the increasing load, our suggestion was migrating to the AWS cloud. The customer has been able to manage all information locally due to availability of Asia Pacific South (Mumbai) Region The architecting and designing of infrastructure included Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances on which the Application and MSSQL database is hosted. AWS CloudFront to accelerate and improve the performance of all applications hosted on EC2 Windows environment. Backed by SQL web-database on EC2.


  • Customer can now assess all its applications without downtime
  • Scale-up facility unable customer to reach its requirement time – to -time without any overhead charges
  • Cloud-infrastructure has helped build and deliver the solution following the industry security standards and best practices
  • Now there is no need to allocate resources beforehand because firms have different levels of consumption

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