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With a team of certified DevOps experts, Cloudaeon is a qualified DevOps service provider and offers a complete list of DevOps offerings services. Continuous integration has become a necessity in the development of modern software. Cloudaeon offers a CI / CD pipeline services that meet your requirements

ci cd pipeline service provider

Most technology giants today have one common element that has catapulted them beyond their peers – adopting and implementing DevOps practices. Directly influences and enhances standard metrics for software performance such as cost efficiency, length of the software development cycle, success rate of implementation and return, error detection rate, etc.

Are you starting a new project? Cloudaeon CI / CD with Jenkins X immediately creates a ready-made DevOps workflow. Do you need to use CI / CD cloud best practices without spending all of your time researching? With Jenkins X-powered Cloudaeon CI / CD, a Git repository can be created, web cookies can be set, and pipelines can be created for continuous deployment with a single jx command.

CI / CD pipeline from scratch

We believe that CI / CD is not a series of tests and implementations that start automatically, even though they are technical. Instead, we unite all teams from the start and let them identify workflows, critical scenarios, and implementation strategies that meet the business needs and team expectations. This is the most important part when implementing CI / CD. After completion, it can be recorded technically – get an automatic test, redesign the program and bookmarks, scale, and monitor.

CI / CD enhancement

Although CI / CD is a fully automated process, it needs to be updated to include new application features or changes in business logic. It’s also quite common for new functions to be published by cloud or CI / CD providers which can have a significant impact on your own pipeline, workflow or even budget. All these cases require some CI / CD repairs that Cloudaeon is proud of.

CI / CD Consulting

Our customers contact us to receive competent consulting services for continuous integration and deployment for various reasons, including They don’t know how to start and what to do. Determine which tool is best for you. Design or redesign of automation pipes and automatic testing; Communication best practices for CI / CD and knowledge transfer.

Sophisticated software and application development ensures that source code is sent repeatedly to the product and is run without damage and errors. The DevOps Cloudaeon Professional Team helps you integrate CI / CD best practices into your business. Use abbreviated TTM (Time-to-Market) for your code and your functions, implementation, and provisioning processes and optimized.

Cloudaeon – your reliable partner for CI/CD pipeline services!

To summarize it – Cloudaeon is a trusted managed service provider with more than 3 years of providing end-to-end DevOps services and allows our customers to continue to integrate and provide uninterrupted provisioning. We can help you automate the creation, testing, and delivery of your application and ensure the management of your IT infrastructure that is cost-effective and efficient.

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