aws solution for finance and banking company

The customer is a licensed body under BFSI regulatory that is maintained and provides cashless hospitalization to the insured. The company supports potential insurance customers with their medical check-up using Tele-MER, MER videos, visits to diagnostic centers and home visits. It also offers digital and advanced IT solutions for medical operations such as ECG, XRT measurement, removal and updating of guidelines and many more.

Problem statement

Customers strive for high availability and scalability of their insurance application platform. They want their app to work and function without interruption. You cannot survive because any disruption to the system will have a direct impact on patient admission and billing. Customers work with Cloudaeon to effectively deploy their insurance application platform in an accessible and scalable environment.


Understanding customer needs, Cloudaeon recommends migrating their insurance application platform from their on-premises DC to the AWS cloud. It is recommended to use the AWS cloud to design a stable, reliable, and secure architecture for the platform.

A strategic roadmap is planned for deploying the AWS infrastructure, including setting up database and application servers. Apart from implementing AWS in the cloud, customers are also offered managed services for the smooth operation of their infrastructure.

The multi-VPC strategy is used for multiple environments where the application resides. On the other hand, the production environment is hosted on a completely different and independent VPC.

Production VPCs are not directly accessible to the developer or client administration team, but are accessed via VPC administration.

The EC2 instances that host the application servers are set up to auto-scale and the database environment is hosted on EC2 instances on the private DB subnet.

In Managed Services, Cloudaeon offers customer technical support managed by SLA. Access to the ticket management system is provided where you can collect support tickets. Some of the activities offered by Managed Services include: Computing, Storage and Networking Incidents. Application level glitches , Changes in the production environment.

    High scalability: AWS cloud migration together with managed services have helped customers achieve high scalability from their application platforms. By moving their system to the cloud, they also introduced a new function that can scale automatically with minimal downtime.
    Cost optimization: The solution provides customers the opportunity to optimize infrastructure costs. The cost optimization benefit has allowed customers more control over their entire IT budget.
    Performance improvements: The application platform performance has been significantly improved by cloud migration due to the accessible and flexible nature of the environment.
    High availability: The multi-availability area used helps customers reach an accessible infrastructure for their application platform. It also makes it easier for them to maintain high availability of applications with low redundancy.
    A highly available and reliable infrastructure was achieved along with significant cost optimization. The consistent 99.5% uptime achieved.

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