Application Hosting

application hosting services

Our off-site application hosting caters to businesses that require an accessible, most efficient and ideal hosting environment for critical hosting. Applications are hosted on our state of the art Cloudaeon platform which is developed by our highly skilled engineering team. The platform uses VMWare technology to achieve the highest levels of durability and performance and offers 100% up-to-date availability.

Application hosting is offered in two variants: standalone and container. An application hosted on a network device can serve several purposes. This ranges from automation and configuration management monitoring to integration into existing tool chains.

When network devices are managed by configuration management applications such as Chef and Puppet, your network administrator can no longer focus solely on the command line interface (CLI). Due to the abstraction provided by the application, your administrator can now focus on design and other high-level tasks while the application does its job.

Minimize the investment and maintenance costs of your infrastructure by hosting a web application or cloud hosting service provider that maximizes user mobility. Users can access the applications they use most from almost anywhere. Host all your important business applications on the cloud so you can log in securely to run them on your laptop, desktop or mobile device.

application hosting service provider

Our main Application Hosting Offerings include:

  • Delivery Management
  • Full Project Life Cycle Delivery
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring of applications
  • Advanced Managed Services