it service for oil and energy industry
Problem statement

The company has high operating costs and cannot manage inventory at the station. In addition, they lack modern reporting tools for analyzing station inventory and recording maintenance.

As a result, they want to implement BI solutions through cloud infrastructure to overcome this challenge. They wanted the data system on the back office server of each station to be moved to the AWS Data Warehouse so they can analyze and report on it. 40% of stations follow the barcode scanning process, and the legacy systems they use were around 6 years old, which is a problem for companies because the right insights are not available at the right time.


With our research we found out local servers are located at company gas stations and keep all inventory and local data for gas stations & they do not have databases and mostly provide flat files as reports become the task of analyzing data. About 9 TB of data is generated per month for all stations.

Once workflows are understood, the Cloudaeon team builds the AWS infrastructure along with the ETL process infrastructure and data warehouse. They create data for sales managers and practical business managers as well as data models for retrieving POS data from back office servers and analyzing

  • Strengthen Decision Making System manage Business performance on each station
  • Real time statistics to manage inventory of each station
  • Proper Inventory Planning reduced storage cost
  • Achieved the ability to Scale an application with AWS load Balancing when required.

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