azure solutions for healthcare pharma company

The customer is a pharma company offering a wide variety of formulations for the latest drug development worldwide. The forms offered by customers range from tablets and capsules to injections. The customer business model includes external licensing and marketing with production and supply contracts. Client has teamed up with Cloudaeon to provide for the deploy workloads on the Azure cloud.

Problem statement

Customers want their infrastructure to be highly scalable, accessible and flexible to meet fluctuating business demands. They want to deliver their workloads on the Azure cloud. The customer's primary goal is to make their HRMS operations.


Customers have teamed up with Cloudaeon to deploy their workloads on the Azure cloud. Cloudaeon helps customers deploy their infrastructure on the Azure cloud and manage their infrastructure using best practices defined by Azure.

Implementation and managed services in the Cloudaeon Azure cloud make it easier for customers to host the HRMS, Web Dispatcher and modules. It includes multiple environments such as sandbox, production and development.

This solution provides a seamless transition along with managed services, enabling customers to realize ongoing management and support for their new Azure environment.

The solution approach consists of three phases of implementation:

  • Set up an Azure account and Azure network
  • Azure resource setup
  • Managed Services
  • Result
    • Strengthen Decision Making System manage Business performance on each station
    • Real time statistics to manage inventory of each station
    • Proper Inventory Planning reduced storage cost
    • Achieved the ability to Scale an application with AWS load Balancing when required.

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